Monday, December 10, 2012

Geiger Counter Prototype with PIC16F628A MCU

I wish to share some photos of my new prototype for Geiger Counter DIY project. It can be powered from 4x AA Ni-MH batteries, USB or USB-UART adapter. High Voltage circuit section stay same like in my previously Radiation Detector DIY Kit.
PIC16F628A microcontroller part count events from tube cathode. Then it calculate CPM (counts per minute) and radiation dose.

How to convert CPM to radiation dose? (Thanks to about all conversion information)

Let's check first the SBM20 datasheet. It tell that the tube has Gamma Sensitivity for Ra226 29 cps/mR/hr and for Co60 is 22cps/mR/hr. I used arithmetic average of 25.5 cps/mR/hr because I do not have radioactive calibration sources.

1. Convert cps to cpm:
    25.5 x 60 = 1530 cpm/mR/hr
2. Divide to absorption constant to convert from mR to uSv:
    1530 / 8.77 = 174.46 cmp/uSv/hr
3. Calculate the tube Conversion Factor:
    1 cpm = 1 / 174.46 = 0.0057
4. Now you just need to multiply your CPM reading to Conversion Factor. The picture above shows 8.344 uSv/hr for 1464 cpm:
   1464 x 0.0057 = 8.344

The program code can be changed and calibrated to any other Geiger tube type, just required to change conversion factor in source file.
Microcontroller send CPM readings via UART. It can be used with COM port or FTDI USB module for communication with PC.
DIY Kit for this project is expected to be produced soon. Please follow our updates!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Radiation Detector DIY Kit with MCU

Is it possible to use Radiation Detector DIY Kit from with MCU Project?
Definitely yes! You can connect the kit board to your MCU project. Configure the MCU to count high-low-high interrupts. Also remember about pull-up resistor from kit board to the MCU port.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Radiation Detector DIY Kit

Geiger Counter DIY Kit

Our new DIY kit - Radiation Detector Module. Designed for STS-5, SBM20 or SI3-BG Geiger tubes, but also support external connection to any Geiger Tube with anode voltage 350-450V. The kit provide visual and sound indication of beta and gamma ionization radiation. Can be used as detector of dangerous radiation levels or radioactive materials. 

The PCB include high voltage converter from 5V to 400V adjustable. The module consume about 6.5mA from 9V battery.
The calibration of high voltage is very easy, now you do not need to build any external high impedance voltage dividers because it already included on the PCB. 

The kit has manual with assembling instruction. It can be downloaded from product page description.
Take note: purchase do not include Geiger Tube and 9V battery! 

For more information please visit our store!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Capacitance Inductance Meter DIY Kit

LC Meter DIY Kit

Want to solder you own LC Meter for your hobby? Here is our new DIY kit project - Capacitance and Inductance Meter. Based on famous open source LC Meter of Phil Rice. Can measure capacitors from 0.1pF up to 470nF, and coils from 0.01uH up to 20mH. The device require calibration with precision 1% capacitor. 

The package photo:

You'll receive all components, LCD and PCB for soldering the project. English user manual with assembling instruction can be downloaded at our website in product description page.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Payment Method Update

During last month, several of our customers had problems with Moneybookers Payment System. Some transactions failed because of technical problem that we are going to investigate with Moneybookers. Because of this circumstances we decided for temporary to disable Moneybookers payment gate. Now you can pay only with PayPal system. PayPal accept all major credit cards online. You can pay with or without creating PayPal account. Please follow our "How to Buy" guide at
Please refer paragraph I / screenshot 14b

Another important update: Now you can check a total stock quantity of every product that available for sell. Please enter a product page description and look under a title:

Availability: In stock
Only XXX left

If the quantity in stock is less than 100 pcs, you'll see the exact items stock we have right now. If you need large quantities please contact or re-check stock later because sometime we update items quantities. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Edition of High Resolution Cap Meter

Now available new edition of capacitance meter based on circuit and hex file of Roman Black.

What's new?

  • New compact PCB design
  • On/Off button
  • Calibration Trimmer
  • Simple LCD installation

For more information and purchase please visit:

Monday, October 22, 2012

FM Transmitter DIY Kit with J310 VCO

FM Transmitter DIY Kit with J310 VCO

Wants to build your own FM radio station and broadcast music over your house? It will be easy with our educational diy kit of voltage controlled oscillator (VCO). The transmitter can be tuned to desired frequency with multi-turn variable resistor or with external PLL. 

The circuit of the kit contain J-Fet 310 based VCO and Buffer Stage. It do not  include RF amplifier stages because is illegal to broadcast with RF Power more than several milli-watts. The project was developed ONLY for education purpose and you have to understand it clearly. Even it has compatibility with PLL, it still stay amateur DIY device and does not fit into full technical standards of the legal FM Broadcasting.

Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency: 97-102 MHz 
  • Range: Up to 25 meters
  • Modulation: Wide Band FM
  • PCB: 40x35mm
  • PLL compatible
  • PC Line Out Level compatible
  • Supply Voltage: 8-12V DC
  • Supply Current: 12.5mA at 12V
The transmitter require a regular FM 88-108MHz receiver. You can broadcast a mono audio signal or MPX stereo.
Kit package include PDF user manual with assembling process photos and calibration instruction.

PCB size is 4.00 x 3.50 cm, double layer with green soldermask and ground plane.
The PCB has reserved place for 78LXX voltage regulator, but the IC is not included in the purchase. You can use it in case your power supply is noisy. R10 potentiometer should be installed for manual frequency tuning, but if you're going to use PLL please do not solder it.
For stable transmitting range and reducing hum we advise you to use dipole antenna. Dipole design and transmitter enclosure draft can be found in our PDF manual.
Tuning process is easy but require patience because VHF device is very sensitive. If you use R10 manual tuning then even your hand over the PCB can influence the frequency. Please see two our demonstration videos with tuning.

For more information please visit our webstore for DIY Electronics -

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Discount Coupons

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Radiation Detector Prototype - Geiger Driver

Geiger Tube Driver - Radiation Detector DIY Kit Prototype.

Demonstration of the my homemade prototype for radiation detector kit. The board can drive STS-5, SBM-20 or SI3BG tubes. Led and sound indication is presented.Please follow store updates when the manufactured kit will be available for sell.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

XR2206 Project with Plastic Case

 XR2206 Project with Plastic Case.

Finally I found some time to install my XR2206 Function Generator Kit in plastic enclosure, so I want to share some photos of the project. The kit of XR2206 you already have seen, but if somebody interested again please follow:

XR2206 DIY Kit

For project box I have chosen my small black enclosure "Plastic Project Box" Made of ABS, really easy to drill material. With internal dimensions of  L x W x H 95 x 84 x 59 mm. Has removable front and back panel.

Here is the finished project before I close the cover. I used Rotary Switch limited to 4 position. Actually you can adjust the switch to 12 position, but in this project I only need 4 position for selecting timing capacitors. The front panel has also Sine/Triangle switch and 3 rotary potentiometers for controlling amplitude and frequency (coarse and fine adjust).

The back panel has 2 BNC Female Panel sockets for frequency output. One for square wave and one for sine/triangle wave. Power jack is 2.1mm standard jack that feet any AC/DC adapter. I also added one 470uF 50V filter capacitor for possible "noisy" power supply and indication 3mm diode with 4.7K resistor.That's all!

Nice and simple project that I can use in my home lab. Now I need find a way to do some trig stickers labels for function knobs.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

New revision of Cap.Meter kit will be available soon

Prototype of the new revision of High Resolution Cap Meter

New revision is on the way to manufacturing soon. There is the prototype of High Resolution Cap Meter by Roman Black. Second edition of the DIY Kit has several improvements thanks to suggestions of our customers. 

So, whats is new?

  • On/Off Power button
  • Led indication of the supply voltage
  • Trimmer for manual calibration
  • Detachable LCD display

In addition, there is new compact design of the pcb. Dimensions of the board now is 81x47 mm. The previous version has 85x55 mm pcb. When the new revision will be available for sell, I'll inform about it on the main page of the store. Hope you'll like it!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Priority Mail 24" for Israeli Customers

New Delivery Method for Israeli Customers - "Priority Mail 24"

Now all small volume orders with total weight up to 100 gram will be sent with Priority Mail 24. This service of Israel Post allow next business day delivery for really low price. The service available only for Israel residents. Tracking information for "Mail 24" unfortunately is not supported, but the new method will safe your time and money, especially  when you need to order just several components and do not want to overpay for the delivery. We hope you'll enjoy it.

 Take note, allowed package for Priority Mail 24 is envelope only.

All orders with total weight more than 100 gram or with volume bigger than envelope is still will be sent with Registered Mail with tracking, like it was before.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Function Generator DIY Kit 20Hz - 100KHz XR2206

Function Generator DIY Kit 20Hz - 100KHz


Function generator is an integral part of any electronic lab. This test equipment used to generate different types of electrical waveforms: usually sine, triangle, sawtooth and square waves. More information about function generators can be found on Wikipedia
Some Integrated Circuits was designed to generate waveforms and it possible to build your own diy function generator project based on this type of IC. One of this chips is XR2206 by EXAR. 
XR2206 is monolithic function generator IC with excellent temperature stability 20ppm/C, wide sweep range, low sine wave distortion and other features. 

Our diy function generator kit has all components to build a simple diy project:

XR2206 kit components bag

All components is carefully packed with different suitable bags:

XR2206 diy components

The PCB board is double side with green soldermask and white silkscreen for easy parts installation. The board is high quality manufactured with through pads and HASL.

XR2206 PCB

The diy function generator kit can produce sine, triangle and square waves from 20Hz to 100KHz in 4 ranges with fine adjust. It can be powered from 12V DC power supply and consume 20mA current. 

Technical specifications:

Amplitude: 0.05 - 2V AC Peak to Peak
Output Impedance: 600 Ohm
Distortion: 0.5%

Amplitude: 0.05 - 4V AC Peak to Peak
Output Impedance: 600 Ohm
Linearity: 1%

Amplitude: 11V AC Peak to Peak
Rise time: 250 ns at 1KHz
Fall time: 50 ns at 1KHz

Package include:
1x Manufactured PCB 73x38 mm
1x XR2206CP IC
2x 1% Metal Film Resistor 5.1K
1x 1% Metal Film Resistor 10K
1x 1% Metal Film Resistor 10R
1x 1% Metal Film Resistor 3K
1x Trimmer Potentiometer 500R
1x Trimmer Potentiometer 30K
2x Rotary Potentiometer 10K
1x Rotary Potentiometer 100K
1x 1N4007 Diode
1x 100uF Electrolytic Capacitor
1x 10uF Electrolytic Capacitor
1x 1uF Electrolytic Capacitor
1x 100nF Ceramic Capacitor
1x 1nF Polyester Film Capacitor
1x 10nF Polyester Film Capacitor
1x 100nF Polyester Film Capacitor
1x 1uF Polyester Film Capacitor
1x DIP Socket 16 Pin
2x Jumper Cup
20x Pin of 2.54 mm Male Pin Header

The kit is can be used without calibration that may be relevant if you can't reach a oscilloscope. Without sine wave calibration it has 2.5% total harmonic distortion (THD). If you'll perform calibration process it will reach 0.5% THD.

The circuit and full PDF manual is included in the purchase. The manual has pictures of the assembling process and calibration instruction. The kit is require solder skills and basic electronics knowledge. However we can offer a technical support.

The board has jumper control for frequency range selection. 4 high quality polyester timing capacitors is provide each range:
  • 20Hz- 100Hz
  • 100Hz - 1KHz
  • 1KHz - 10KHz
  • 10KHz - 100KHz
If you'll install the function generator to project box it will be better to connect an external rotary selector and SPST button for sine/triangle waves toggle. External components and power supply are not included with the purchase. 

XR2206 function generator from

For more information please visit our webstore for DIY Electronics -