Saturday, December 5, 2020

DIY Kit USB Gamma Spectrometer Electronic board for MPPC SiPM 60035 Theremino


Technical specifications:

  • SiPM Bias Voltage 30V with fine Vbr adjustment
  • USB Audio ADC for direct compatibility with Theremino, PRA or BecqMoni MCA
  • Temperature dependence slope: 19mV/C-25mV/C
  • Dimensions: 106x26 mm

Buy the DIY Kit with enclosure on eBay 

Buy Electronics board only

Electronic driver board for DIY Gamma Spectrometer based on MPPC Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM). It made to support Sensl MicroFC 60035 by default, however it electrically compatible with other 30V SiPM with temperature dependence of ~21mV/C

The board sold soldered and tested, without SiPM and without crystal. Recommended for usage with MicroFC 60035 silicon photomultiplier and 8x8x50 CsI(Tl) crystal. The board has space for installing 8x8x50mm detector and the overall PCB size made for Hammond 1593DBK enclosure. 

Electronics intended to wotk in temperature range of 10C-30C, try to install the SiPM detector close as possible to the thermistor sensor on the PCB as shown on the diagram.

Windows OS detects the board as an USB Audio device, that's why you can start to use your favorite freeware MCA without additional audio card or any adapters. Just solder USB cable and open Theremino, PRA or BecqMoni2011 MCA.

Calibration process is simple!

  1. Set recording audio level to 99%, set playback audio level to 0% in Windows drivers
  2. Set Theremino Audio Gain x1 and 192kHz sampling rate for the USB device
  3. Set Theremino Energy Trimmer to the middle
  4. Apply Cs-137 and adjust SiPM voltage bias potentiometer to place the 662keV at correct position
  5. Check the bias voltage on SiPM cathode is below 31V and re-adjust Energy Trimmer or Bias (if required)

Gamma Spectrum with Theremino MCA and 8x8x50mm CsI(Tl) detector made with the driver:

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

SiPM MPPC USB Gamma Spectrometers for Theremino / PRA / BecqMoni2011 MCA

For sell, SiPM detectors with CsI(Tl) crystal. 

Complete USB Gamma Spectrometer with audio interface for amateur freeware Windows MCA software like Theremino or PRA 

Just plug into PC and start using it!

Price depend on crystal size and energy resolution.

  • Dimensions: 114x36x20mm
  • Crystal CsI(Tl) 8x8x50mm or 6x6x30mm 
  • MPPC SiPM MICROFC detector with thermo-compensated power supply
  • USB audio interface for Windows
  • Detection range: 32keV - 3000keV

Friday, May 15, 2020

Firmware 1.06 update for MCA ver.1 boards!

1.06 firmware update released for the MCA ver.1 boards! It include supporting of UART-USB logging with the PC Utility software. You can download firmware update and utility software from the rhelectronics website.

What is new in 1.06 firmware:
- UART Mode for live spectrum transfer
- Added new hex format for SD file (faster saving)
Firmware can be uploaded to the module with Pickit programmer. To start using UART-USB all you need is CP2102 USB-TTL module to connect the MCA with the computer.
The PC Utility software will do: live spectrum, import and export CSV, SD file convert from hex to CSV, export spectrum screenshot and bin to energy calibration. PC Utility software working as a passive receiver, I'll post communication standards of the MCA unit if you want to implement your own UART data receiving of the gamma spectrum from the MCA.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

MCA Terminal configuration software for MCA ver.3

MCA Terminal is a calibration terminal software for MCA ver.3 Multi Channel Analyzer. The software will allow you to perform channel to energy calibration of the unit, visually estimate calibration function linearity, download and view CSV data files from the unit memory, make quick erase of the entire data storage, export spectrum screenshots and send any custom command to the unit.
Current version of the software is the beta version, you are welcome to send me an email if you see any bug. The software require Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 installed on your computer.

Friday, March 27, 2020

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