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UNIQUE Integrated Radiation Detector Probe with Philips 18504 Alfa / Beta / Gamma / Neutron Geiger Tube and ~5uS ready digitized GM Pulse Output

UNIQUE Integrated Radiation Detector Probe with Philips 18504 Alfa / Beta / Gamma / Neutron Geiger Tube~5uS ready digitized GM Pulse OutputInternally installed High Voltage Tube Driver with Pulse output circuit.

This is ready to use Geiger Tube Probe that has internally installed 18504 GM tube and electronics required to drive the tube and forms ~5uS digitized pulses on output. These 5uS pulses can be counted by Arduino INT counter or any other microcontroller / digital counter. The probe can be integrated into battery operated portable equipment or used for laboratory setup. The probe is suggested for building portable DIY Geiger Counter or Dosimeter where you only want to build your own counting circuit.

What is the detector includes:
 - Alfa / Beta / Gamma / Neutron sensitive 18504 Geiger Tube
 - Internally installed HV step up converter from VDD voltage to 450V
 - Internally installed Pulse Capture circuit with ~5uS VDD Logic Level GM pulse output
 - Custom made aluminum enclosure dimensions:  ~160mm length, ~25mm diameter
 - Custom made XLR to 6.5mm Audio Cable, ~1.8 meter cable length

Technical Data:
- Input Voltage: 3.5V - 5.5V
- Internally generated HV for tube: 400V-450V

- HV step-up converter has excellent regulation to keep HV voltage within recommended plateau limits for correct operation of GM tube.
- Maximum output current on HV: 40uA
- Quiescent VDD Current: less than 1mA (on background it varies from 0.1mA to 0.9mA, depend on charge pump state)
- GM Pulse Duration: ~5uS, VDD logic level
- Excellent ability to drive long cables without signal attenuation

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Gamma Isotope "Music Box" fun project with DIY Spectrometry Driver kit

Just for fun – Isotope “Music Box”. I used my DIY Spectrometry Driver with BICRON probe. Pulses comes from buffer amplifier into Analog to Digital converter in PIC12F683 and then it played through miniature audio amplifier. Analog to Digital converter in microcontroller is 10 bit ADC. It’s not full spectrometry analyze software, but it good enough to catch single pulses and convert it into sound. Anyway the sound frequency we can hear is slow and needs at least 10ms for each click, so many pulses are lost until we will play one pulse in speaker.
The frequency of clicks depends on the energy – lower energy gets lower frequency and higher energy gets higher sound frequency.

Later I updated ADC software to make the sound harmonized. You can check this latest video to hear how it sounds.