Friday, September 30, 2022


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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Nuclear Pioneer firmware update 4.12

What is new in 4.12 firmware:

  1. Library is structured into two groups. Now you can set in the RIID f(x) menu what type of the library to use: Industrial/N.O.R.M or Medical. Selected library hint is also shown on the main display as MED or IND. IND/N.O.R.M. includes:Cs-137, Am-241, Co-60, Co-57, Ba-133, Eu-152, Ra-226, Th-232, U-235, K-40  MED includes: I-131, Lu-177, F-18(beta) and following isotopes as it also used in Nuclear Medicine for calibration or procedures: Cs-137, Co-60, Co-57

  2. I-131 assigned to the correct Medical classification.

  3. Fixed false positive detection of I-131 caused by Ba-133 peaks

  4. Fixed false positive detection of Bi-214 caused by Lu-177

  5. Start logo of the device is replaced with a smaller image to free 137kBytes of storage memory for further updates.

  6. Added F-18 511keV to the medical library, currently in beta mode.

  7. Added blink notification for successful identification.