Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Geiger Counter Dosimeter Nuclear Radiation Detector DIY Kit with Free Windows Logging Software released

The kit is released today. Now it available for purchase. I offer free shipping to Japan. For more technical details please visit product page:

The kit is supplied without Geiger Tube, TTL Module and without USB Cables. This items should be purchased separately. The PCB allow SBM-20 / STS-5 tube installation. Maybe J305B tube will also fit into the clips size, I still not received J305B tubes for test, but the PCB dimensions allow it regards J305 datasheet.

I also posted PIC16F628A source asm file, so if you are familiar with PIC's you can modify conversion factor,  alert threshold or calibrate it for your tube. The dafault filmware will be OK for most users, but if you need some special values please contact me before you buy.

Windows software can be downloaded for free. It monitor CPM readings and plot graphs. "Radiation Logger" is COM Terminal program that was written for dosimeters with UART communication. Connection settings are configurable. It was tested with my kit, but you can use it with other similar devices. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Updates about new Geiger Counter Kit

Here is some updates about my new Geiger Counter kit. The pcb boards are ready and I'm going to test it soon. The boards are good quality thanks to my Chinese friend Qiumin! 

My colleague Dima works on Windows application for the dosimeter. The PC software is still in beta-testing, but at this point I'm happy with the results. It's receive CPM readings from the dosimeter, calculate radiation dose with any conversion factor you need. It can write logs files and do some graphs. Probably we'll add alarm threshold too. 

The dosimeter can communicate with PC through FTDI FT232, PL2303 or CP2102 virtual COM port USB IC's. Of course it will do through a native COM port also, but you'll need MAX232 TTL converter chip.

On the photo above I use FTDI module for communication with prototype.
I still cannot say when the DIY kit will be available for sale, because here is many work I need to complete. If you interested please follow my updates.