Tuesday, October 13, 2020

SiPM MPPC USB Gamma Spectrometers for Theremino / PRA / BecqMoni2011 MCA



For sell, SiPM detectors with CsI(Tl) crystal. 

Complete USB Gamma Spectrometer with audio interface for amateur freeware Windows MCA software like Theremino or PRA 

Just plug into PC and start using it!

Price depend on crystal size and energy resolution.

  • Dimensions: 114x36x20mm
  • Crystal CsI(Tl) 8x8x50mm or 6x6x30mm 
  • MPPC SiPM MICROFC detector with thermo-compensated power supply
  • USB audio interface for Windows
  • Detection range: 32keV - 3000keV