Saturday, September 29, 2012

XR2206 Project with Plastic Case

 XR2206 Project with Plastic Case.

Finally I found some time to install my XR2206 Function Generator Kit in plastic enclosure, so I want to share some photos of the project. The kit of XR2206 you already have seen, but if somebody interested again please follow:

XR2206 DIY Kit

For project box I have chosen my small black enclosure "Plastic Project Box" Made of ABS, really easy to drill material. With internal dimensions of  L x W x H 95 x 84 x 59 mm. Has removable front and back panel.

Here is the finished project before I close the cover. I used Rotary Switch limited to 4 position. Actually you can adjust the switch to 12 position, but in this project I only need 4 position for selecting timing capacitors. The front panel has also Sine/Triangle switch and 3 rotary potentiometers for controlling amplitude and frequency (coarse and fine adjust).

The back panel has 2 BNC Female Panel sockets for frequency output. One for square wave and one for sine/triangle wave. Power jack is 2.1mm standard jack that feet any AC/DC adapter. I also added one 470uF 50V filter capacitor for possible "noisy" power supply and indication 3mm diode with 4.7K resistor.That's all!

Nice and simple project that I can use in my home lab. Now I need find a way to do some trig stickers labels for function knobs.


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