Friday, May 15, 2020

Firmware 1.06 update for MCA ver.1 boards!

1.06 firmware update released for the MCA ver.1 boards! It include supporting of UART-USB logging with the PC Utility software. You can download firmware update and utility software from the rhelectronics website.

What is new in 1.06 firmware:
- UART Mode for live spectrum transfer
- Added new hex format for SD file (faster saving)
Firmware can be uploaded to the module with Pickit programmer. To start using UART-USB all you need is CP2102 USB-TTL module to connect the MCA with the computer.
The PC Utility software will do: live spectrum, import and export CSV, SD file convert from hex to CSV, export spectrum screenshot and bin to energy calibration. PC Utility software working as a passive receiver, I'll post communication standards of the MCA unit if you want to implement your own UART data receiving of the gamma spectrum from the MCA.