Saturday, November 3, 2012

Payment Method Update

During last month, several of our customers had problems with Moneybookers Payment System. Some transactions failed because of technical problem that we are going to investigate with Moneybookers. Because of this circumstances we decided for temporary to disable Moneybookers payment gate. Now you can pay only with PayPal system. PayPal accept all major credit cards online. You can pay with or without creating PayPal account. Please follow our "How to Buy" guide at
Please refer paragraph I / screenshot 14b

Another important update: Now you can check a total stock quantity of every product that available for sell. Please enter a product page description and look under a title:

Availability: In stock
Only XXX left

If the quantity in stock is less than 100 pcs, you'll see the exact items stock we have right now. If you need large quantities please contact or re-check stock later because sometime we update items quantities. 

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