Saturday, August 3, 2013

Geiger Kit with PIC16F648A

Geiger Kit with PIC16F628A was sold out yesterday. It was nice project for DIY soldering with big PCB and all through hole components. I didn't ordered new batch of the PCB's because I decided completely to redesign this product and make it more fun with modern SMT components. Firstly I'm going to make a SMD kit that will require hot air soldering. Sorry if you expected DIP project, but I'm going to try something new.

The new goals of this project:
  • Small size, 3.3V VDD, Lipo 3.7V battery support  and tiny current
  • CPM, CPS with new algorithm of collecting data
  • Gamma quantum counting, each particle can be counted on the display
  • uSv/h and uRn/h selection
  • UART logging
  • Audio Jack for Geiger Bot or headphones
  • Smart USB charging of Lipo.
  • PWM high voltage generating
  • Option for user to edit EEPROM table for changing settings  
Definitely it's not a project for beginners because of SMT. Maybe I'll offer assembling service option for this kit, but sure not for 9.99$ :) too much smallest parts are here.

Practical method to make prototype PCB's at home it's press-n-peel toner transfer. The photo show one of the first PCB of the prototype I have made. The design is not final.

Lipo charge circuit with 3.3V stabilizer under test. 

Almost finished board, just several components left to solder. Now PIC16F648A processor is used because the project require more memory.
And the finished prototype current only 3.50mA - 5.50mA

The work is still in progress. I like it has small power consumption that even 300mAh Lipo can be used.