Friday, November 7, 2014

Arduino DIY Geiger Counter Kit

In this blog post I would review an Arduino based Geiger Counter Kit. 
Latest edition is here:

What is new in this version?
  • Well-designed electrical scheme and improved PCB layout
  • True voltage feedback in PWM high voltage converter that allows now to drive 20Mega ohm load on 500V
  • Optimized software for fast count-rate condition
  • Second screen mode with CPS counter
  • Fast CPS bargraph with logarithmic scale (great for pancake tube or scint.probe)
  • Native support of 500V and 400V tubes, voltage is set with jumper switch
  • Two LED's with buzzer clicker and mute button
  • Switch between CPM or CPS screen with button
The kit is robust hardware that designed to drive a Geiger Tube while high voltage and pulse counting are controlled by one microcontroller. This is simple and educational project, however load capability and performance of the circuit allows to use this board also in more serious applications, like scientific research or extreme enthusiast tests. Second CPS screen mode with bargraph can be used with sensitive pancake GM tube or with externally connected scintillation probe. 

As before you have:
  • Dose-Rate calculation and ability to calibrate through Arduino sketch
  • Moving average CPM counter
  • UART Logs of CPM value every 10 seconds
  • 16x2 LCD Screen
  • Friendly Arduino IDE source files, open source with buyer