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Gamma Spectrometry Detector Driver DIY Kit High Voltage Power Supply 700V-1000V with Pulse Pre-Amplifier

Gamma Spectroscopy Driver DIY Kitinclude low ripple Adjustable Power Supply Unit 700v-1000v with MetalEnclosure and Transimpedance pre-Amplifier module. This kit can be used as Spectrometry Driver for your own DIY PMT probe. The amplifier output is compatible with freeware PRA Pulse Height Analysis software. Power supply unit and pre-amplifier are sold fully soldered. HV unit installed into separated metal enclosure.

Technical Specifications:
  • Positive High Voltage stabilized output: 700V-1000V
  • Compatible with DIY Scintillation Probes
  • Compatible with freeware PRA Software
  • Battery DC voltage: 4.8V-5.5V
  • Battery current with 100M load at 1000V: 6mA
  • Battery quiescent current at 1000V: 3mA
  • Pulse length: 250uS
  • Full start time: app. 15 seconds with 100M probe load
  • Recommended load of the PMT probe divider: 80-100 Mega ohm
  • HV Power Supply dimensions: 115x60x30 mm
  • Pre-AMP PCB dimensions: 33x40 mm
  • Shipping Weight: 500gr
  • UPC Number: 635292807404
  • SKU: RH-K-PMT-2
You can order the spectroscopy driver kit by following this link:

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