Wednesday, April 22, 2015

High Voltage Geiger Probe Power Supply Module w/TTL Tube Signal Output

This is unique module with low quiescent current, stable high voltage and buffered output of GM tube pulses translated to TTL level signal. The output pulse is 2.5us-5us duration.The module can be used for building high quality external cable probes for DIY Geiger Counters or for building portable DIY dosimeters, radiation detectors or Geiger monitoring projects.

Technical specifications:
  • Adjustable High Voltage Output 380V-550V
  • Compatible with many popular GM Tubes
  • 2.5uS - 5.0uS TTL output of GM pulses
  • Ability to drive long probe cable
  • Input supply voltage 3.0V-4.5V
  • Output current 100uA max. at 550V
  • Includes 4.7M load resistor on the PCB
  • Compatible with PIC / AVR / MSP / Arduino
  • Compatible with MyGeiger ver.2 DIY Geiger Kit
  • Physical dimensions: diameter of the PCB is 53mm (LND-7317 size)
  • UPC Number: 635292807381