Saturday, November 10, 2012

Radiation Detector DIY Kit

Geiger Counter DIY Kit

Our new DIY kit - Radiation Detector Module. Designed for STS-5, SBM20 or SI3-BG Geiger tubes, but also support external connection to any Geiger Tube with anode voltage 350-450V. The kit provide visual and sound indication of beta and gamma ionization radiation. Can be used as detector of dangerous radiation levels or radioactive materials. 

The PCB include high voltage converter from 5V to 400V adjustable. The module consume about 6.5mA from 9V battery.
The calibration of high voltage is very easy, now you do not need to build any external high impedance voltage dividers because it already included on the PCB. 

The kit has manual with assembling instruction. It can be downloaded from product page description.
Take note: purchase do not include Geiger Tube and 9V battery! 

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