Friday, September 30, 2022


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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Nuclear Pioneer firmware update 4.12

What is new in 4.12 firmware:

  1. Library is structured into two groups. Now you can set in the RIID f(x) menu what type of the library to use: Industrial/N.O.R.M or Medical. Selected library hint is also shown on the main display as MED or IND. IND/N.O.R.M. includes:Cs-137, Am-241, Co-60, Co-57, Ba-133, Eu-152, Ra-226, Th-232, U-235, K-40  MED includes: I-131, Lu-177, F-18(beta) and following isotopes as it also used in Nuclear Medicine for calibration or procedures: Cs-137, Co-60, Co-57

  2. I-131 assigned to the correct Medical classification.

  3. Fixed false positive detection of I-131 caused by Ba-133 peaks

  4. Fixed false positive detection of Bi-214 caused by Lu-177

  5. Start logo of the device is replaced with a smaller image to free 137kBytes of storage memory for further updates.

  6. Added F-18 511keV to the medical library, currently in beta mode.

  7. Added blink notification for successful identification.  

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Nuclear Pioneer 4.06 firmware update

 What is new in 4.06 software:

  1.  Optimized and faster peak detection
  2.  Fixed false positive detection triggering in some scenarios 
  3.  Improved Ba-133 and Lu-177 detection
  4.  Improved Cs-137 FWHM% resolution calculation
  5.  Added 3 minutes warning for warm-up period after power up
  6.  Added energy calibration hints with markers and energies list for the selected scheme
  7.  Added Co-57 I-131 energy calibration scheme

Friday, September 3, 2021

Nuclear Pioneer MCA 4.05 firmware update

 4.05 firmware update released for Nuclear Pioneer MCA. Now you can download the latest firmware file including programming instruction PDF here:

What is new in 4.05 software:
1. Added second color theme for gamma spectrum with higher contrast. You can switch the spectrum color by making several turns of the encoder pointer toward 0keV direction. The encoder have to be in pointer control mode.
2. Added Th-232, Ba-133, Lu-177 isotopes to the auto-detection library
3. Added N.O.R.M. mix detection with mixed Ra-226 and Th-232
4. Improved peak detection
5. In scint.mode, the counter will make the event beep for every n=100 detected particle for large crystal or for every n=25 detected particle when small crystal is used. You can set crystal size through serial monitor command as described in the manual.
All previous bug fix and updates from 4.01-4.04 are included in 4.05
You may need to recalibrate LLD, HLD, doserate factors, timestamp and energy scale after making firmware update.