Saturday, September 29, 2012

XR2206 Project with Plastic Case

 XR2206 Project with Plastic Case.

Finally I found some time to install my XR2206 Function Generator Kit in plastic enclosure, so I want to share some photos of the project. The kit of XR2206 you already have seen, but if somebody interested again please follow:

XR2206 DIY Kit

For project box I have chosen my small black enclosure "Plastic Project Box" Made of ABS, really easy to drill material. With internal dimensions of  L x W x H 95 x 84 x 59 mm. Has removable front and back panel.

Here is the finished project before I close the cover. I used Rotary Switch limited to 4 position. Actually you can adjust the switch to 12 position, but in this project I only need 4 position for selecting timing capacitors. The front panel has also Sine/Triangle switch and 3 rotary potentiometers for controlling amplitude and frequency (coarse and fine adjust).

The back panel has 2 BNC Female Panel sockets for frequency output. One for square wave and one for sine/triangle wave. Power jack is 2.1mm standard jack that feet any AC/DC adapter. I also added one 470uF 50V filter capacitor for possible "noisy" power supply and indication 3mm diode with 4.7K resistor.That's all!

Nice and simple project that I can use in my home lab. Now I need find a way to do some trig stickers labels for function knobs.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

New revision of Cap.Meter kit will be available soon

Prototype of the new revision of High Resolution Cap Meter

New revision is on the way to manufacturing soon. There is the prototype of High Resolution Cap Meter by Roman Black. Second edition of the DIY Kit has several improvements thanks to suggestions of our customers. 

So, whats is new?

  • On/Off Power button
  • Led indication of the supply voltage
  • Trimmer for manual calibration
  • Detachable LCD display

In addition, there is new compact design of the pcb. Dimensions of the board now is 81x47 mm. The previous version has 85x55 mm pcb. When the new revision will be available for sell, I'll inform about it on the main page of the store. Hope you'll like it!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Priority Mail 24" for Israeli Customers

New Delivery Method for Israeli Customers - "Priority Mail 24"

Now all small volume orders with total weight up to 100 gram will be sent with Priority Mail 24. This service of Israel Post allow next business day delivery for really low price. The service available only for Israel residents. Tracking information for "Mail 24" unfortunately is not supported, but the new method will safe your time and money, especially  when you need to order just several components and do not want to overpay for the delivery. We hope you'll enjoy it.

 Take note, allowed package for Priority Mail 24 is envelope only.

All orders with total weight more than 100 gram or with volume bigger than envelope is still will be sent with Registered Mail with tracking, like it was before.