Saturday, February 4, 2023

Firmware update 4.14 released for Nuclear Pioneer RIID

Firmware update 4.14 released for Nuclear Pioneer RIID based on Cortex-M4. You are welcome to download the latest firmware file including programming instruction PDF here:

Nuclear Pioneer MCA Firmware | RH Electronics

What is new in 4.14 firmware:

  1. In scintillation mode added Waterfall Histogram for energy distribution and CPS intensity estimation. The scale has the same zoom settings as the main MCA window: 512-4096 channels.  Waterfall zoom can be set in the LCD ZOOM X menu.

  2. In scintillation mode added basic identification for Am-241, Cs-137, Ra-226, U-235. Please note, scintillation mode identification does not replace the main MCA RIID mode and has less performance of the identification results compared with the MCA mode. However, it can be a nice add-on along with the new Waterfall Histogram.

  3. Fixed bug in CSV file date. Now the day and month of the recorded CSV spectrum are displayed correctly.

  4. Improved activity calculator. Now it has a better precision function to get efficiency for the selected geometry. You may need to re-calibrate the correction factor in the activity menu.

  5. Improved geometry selection menu. Now the menu scrolling list starts with the previously selected crystal size. 

  6. Fixed a few small bugs in the internal maintenance. 

  7. Added internal test for erratic value or temperature sensor disconnection. Now if the sensor read wasn't completed, the temperature readings will be displayed as "--.-" until the next read try. 

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