Wednesday, January 7, 2015

SD Logger+ Add On for MyGeiger

We released LCD Shield with SD Logger+ add-on for MyGeiger kit. SD Logger+ LCD Shield has same dimensions as the regular MyGeiger LCD Shield. Instead of TRRS audio socket it has micro SD card socket and TQFP-32 Atmega-328A processor with preinstalled Arduino boot loader. 

Because most of the operating time Atmega328 enter idle sleep mode, the power consumption of whole MyGeiger kit is still stay low as before. SD Logger adds only 1.5mA-2.0mA to the total kit consumption. When serial data is transferred from the main PIC18F2550 uProcessor to the USB output, Atmega328 enter active state for several micro seconds and writes same data to the SD card. If SD card is missing, or if you do not need SD log function, you can power down SD logger by removing LOG JMP jumper. 

For more technical details please visit MyGeiger page here:

SD logger shield installed as regular MyGeiger LCD Shield over the PCB.

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