Wednesday, June 4, 2014

MyGeiger second edition DIY Geiger Counter Kit released

MyGeiger Dosimeter DIY Kit is officially released on RH Electronics website.
MyGeiger ver. 2.00 has carefully crafted electrical circuit with new and reliable software. As a result, now we have more professional and stable device with all important for portable dosimeter functions.  The project still kept easy for soldering. You need to solder only DIP through hole components when all SMD already pre-soldered.
The kit has built-in USB logging support and lithium charger on-board, ready for your 3.7V Li-Ion battery.
MyGeiger ver.2.00 now support 400V and 500V popular Geiger tubes, such as SBM-20, SI-29BG, LND-712, LND-7317 and more.


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