Wednesday, July 28, 2021

4.02 firmware update released for Nuclear Pioneer MCA

 4.02 firmware update released for Nuclear Pioneer MCA. You can download the hex file from rhelectronics website:

What is new in 4.02:
Added boot screen to allow viewing of all saved constants
Added click sound for Geiger-Muller counter in scintillation mode
Improved averaging procedure of Geiger-Muller CPS counter, now it show the correct result faster
Added serial command to make a training data of isotopes for better and faster identification, see updated manual for details
Added serial command to set crystal size, 51x51mm or 25x25mm
Improved doserate energy compensation calculation
Fixed bug of non correctly saved mean CPS to eeprom memory
You must to recalibrate LLD, HLD, doserate factors, timestamp and energy scale after making firmware update. For fimrware update instruction please download user manual PDF.

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