Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Geiger Counter with PIC16F876A Prototype worklog updates

I'm working on new Geiger Counter based on PIC16F876A. It has absolutely new design. All functions including high voltage generating are assigned on the processor now, its mean no additional IC's. No more 555 timers and no logic IC's. So lets say more about software:

1. Measurement time is auto adjusted, depend on radiation level. It guarantee better accuracy on low background levels and also fast response to high levels. Time countdown is also displayed on the LCD.
2. PWM controlled high voltage stage. User can calibrate high voltage from 300V to 500V in menu. The tube voltage is also displayed on the LCD in real time. The ADC use different Vref, not from supply rail.
3. UART, Arduino, Geiger Bot communication.
4. Calibration menu with Alert threshold, Conversion factor. Parameters may be saved to EEPROM.

This work is still in progress, please follow updates. When it will be finished I think I'll run it like a new kit.

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